Our Clients

Sherpa Super Tax

St Marys NSW

Professional Accounting firm on a steady growth journey within the business posing challenges. SME Tech Solution has taken over this account and has been assisting the business on a regular basis to achieve its goals and meet operational challenges during and post Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Afrojordan Boutique

Perth, WA

Boutique fashion house for targeted group of users achieving high score in sales revenue.
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Key Role of SME Tech Solution:

Heart Earth Drum


An amazing project named “Heart Earth Drum” which has a large number of users including international platforms. At the core of the business, it teaches Heart Connection Meditation which allows users to quieten the mind and follow your beautiful heart. It teaches you about themselves and how to trust the heart to make the best decisions for you in everyday life. It can guide individuals how to keep at bay the energies they don’t want in their life and how in their own space they can begin to create positive ripple effects to those around them.

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Adelaide, South Australia

Thriveevolve as it sounds provides holistic coaching with a mixture of detoxification, the lymphatic system, gut health, nutrition, exercise and mindset working together synergistically. The business wanted to establish that it has the core value of no judgement as everyone is on their own path and journey: if you are a meat eater, plant based, vegan, raw foodist. My purpose is to help you with your own unique goals as we work through limiting beliefs, barriers, trauma, self-confidence and awareness.

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TWL Financial

North Sydney NSW

A financial wealth management project which is set out to assist clients with a holistic approach to addressing all of their financial needs. Business recognised a gap in the market whereby various finance related professionals work collaboratively, under one-roof, without conflicted advice, in the best interests of the consumer. The business adds value, with a no-nonsense approach, to help their clients understand that there is no silver bullet when it comes to building wealth, but instead a unique combination of solutions and/or strategies for all individuals that is most likely to achieve the optimal outcomes they seek.

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Peninsula Coffee Machine

Mornington Peninsula, VIctoria

A project involves a coffee machine mechanic to go online for the service of the coffee machines in the community.

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a2z Daily Cleaning Services

Seven Hills, NSW

A start up cleaning company wanting to thrive and cease the opportunity of influx of work during Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Milestone Mediation

Bathurst NSW

This project helps John Haynes, a professional dispute resolution provider, who has negotiated and resolved numerous high risk situations including sieges, hostage situations, and suicide interventions. It was this lived experience that led John to become a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Conflict Management Coach. This project helps to build a customised website that fits the needs and functions required for the business.

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Lifepath Care Services

Perth Western Australia

The project helps a disability service provider Lifepath Care Services. At the core value, the business see people as unique, beloved and important . They listen to what matters to individuals and help them lead a meaningful and healthy life mentally, psychologically, emotionally and physically on their own terms hence providing the highest standard of care . They are also passionate about services that makes life most valuable and creating partnerships that create meaningful lives.

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