We are a team of professional designers that has been designing websites for many years. We’ve worked with many businesses large and small with various personal side projects so we have working knowledge of what you need for your project.


We know your project is important to you so we will keep you updated every step of the way to ensure we achieve exactly what you want. This gives you a peace of mind and helps us deliver great quality work everytime.

We work on a pay-in-advance basis before the commencement of your work. We estimate and allocate your design hours after we assess your scope of work. So you pay half of the fees at the beginning and the rest as soon as the work is completed before the final handover.

Yes we do. Unless you have a business account set up with us, we charge you upfront fees for the work we do.

Our professional fees are based on the service we provide. Even before commencing any work, we spend a lot of time scoping and communicating with you and our design team. Once we agree to start any work, we essentially charge you on an hourly basis. We try our best to work with you to achieve an outcome based on your work instructions. 


If you wish us to achieve an outcome you would like us to try with, we will need to be paid for the additional work or the additional hours we are putting in. Your initial quote is always only an estimated quote. It is not a licence to subscribe to unlimited hours without incurring additional charges. Once your allocated design hours have been used up it will cost $30 an hour of any additional design work.

We always communicate with you as soon as you have exhausted your hours you paid for. 

If we don’t receive your payment for the additional hourd\s you would like us to work with, we will not be able to continue with your work.

Usually maximum twice. Any additional revisions will incur additional fees by $30 an hour. 

If we agree to host your website after you sign our Terms & Conditions, then you are obliged to comply with those Terms & Conditions. We can refuse to host your website should you not comply with the Terms & Conditions. If you are on a plan for first year free hosting, please note we will charge you a fair and reasonable subscription fee once this period is over.

In a secured Google Drive which can only be accessed by individuals having access to link we provide you with. 

Should you lose the work, we cannot guarantee we will be able to restore your work from our drive. We will however try our best and provide you with copies of your work with an additional fee of $49.99 per retrieval.

Once it is finalised and handed to you, all designs will be final. If you need amendments to your graphics work we will only do that if we are paid for the service. For website design, this falls under website maintenance work which is different from website building and design. Please ask our office about the packages we offer for website maintenance work.

We use third party payment systems which are very secure Australian-based payment gateways i.e. Stripe, Squareup and Payment Advantage. Our payment gateways are integrated through a reputable payment management system, which is reliable and secure. If you have any questions or issues about the payment you made or about to make, please let us know so we will let you know the details of the provider you will need to contact. 

Yes your payment is 100% secured through the payment gateways that are integrated on our website.

Websites might be down for various reasons, it can be due to server, domain or other technical issues. If your server is down, this falls under web maintenance work and we will charge you $35 an hour unless you choose a package from us. Packages range from $199 to $699, please check our office in relation to the details of these packages. 


If your website is down because you attempted to change the hosting from our provider to yours, we need to re-establish the website connection through our hosting provider or yours. We will charge you a flat fee of $299 for this service.

Yes, generally all of your website data is saved in the cloud, however, we cannot ever guarantee you that we’ll be able to retrieve this data for the purpose of making your website live. You can outsource services like AWS or other cloud services and subscribe to a website security package which ranges from $499 to $1499 annually depending on your website. 


However, if you haven’t paid for this additional package for website security we have no obligation to provide you retrieving the cloud data restoration services.

Please refer to the Privacy Policy detailed here. LINK HERE

Please find our Terms & Conditions here LINK HERE.

We will always provide you with an estimated timeframe at our initial correspondence with you. However, the turnaround time relies on how quickly you communicate back with us after first or subsequent drafts. 


We always attempt to deliver our work on time however, very rarely it might be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

We have a clear and distinct customer communication process. We also spend a lot of time continuously improving the ways we can communicate better through different technologies. If you have a preferred method of communication whether it’s by email or phone we will accommodate that need, please just let us know.

We are open Monday to Friday 9AM – 5PM however you can send us an email 24/7 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

It depends on the scope of work however, our graphics design and web development work is between $35-$65 an hour. We can also provide you a flat free estimation upon request.

We will provide your additional scope of work with another quote. We will only commence work on additional scope once you have paid the initial deposit for the additional scope of work.

We need our Terms and Conditions to be signed by you prior to agreeing to host your website.

Yes it does. We charge you a minimum fee of $199 for this service.

You can host your website through any hosting provider you like. However, it is not our responsibility if your website has a problem running properly with another provider. If we agree to assist you with this, we will charge you additional fees.

Prior to commencement of work, partial 50% payment is required. We don’t remove our branding mark or release the ownership of the website work or graphics work to you until we are fully paid for the services we have provided.

We stop working on your project unless you have an account with us with a credit card set up which enables us to allocate working hours and charge them later on your credit card.

We charge you a progressive payment for the work we have already completed based on your agreement to proceed.